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exists in the district, but this integrates this into the commercial district. mode cal cannabis dispensaries require provides a 5 foot height bonus for buildings with larger ground floor. i believe it also increases the density allowed in some of them. it was -- certain areas were zoned mc two and now they're be being bumped to mc 3. >> and alcohol issues. >> the parking is no locker required as well. these are all great planning policies we're looking to implementing. >> thank you very much. i have a number of cards here for public comment and if you can actually come forward as your name is called and you can line up along the wall by the tv set and we'll follow the pattern established earlier in this land use committee meeting. two minutes, you'll hear two bells, one is softer, which means you have about 30 seconds and the latter will be your time is up. mr. hernandez, i have axis of love, james ward, denice [inaudible], hector torres, steven crane, and looks like penny graham. please come forward as your name is called. >> my name's james ward, i'm a veteran, i've been a ci
question it's understood that the cal pacific hospital has applied for a lot of money to build a replacement hospital because it's seismically unsafe. if we had a big earthquake today in san francisco, the capacity. >> there are three questions. >> my third question, where would the emergency u.s. navy ship, a floating hospital ship dock in all the piers were given up along the waterfront? >> so i do have them here. >> and i'm giving all of these to you and there is a history in san francisco, where there are a lot of political appointees to igsignificant things like emergency response and i would hate to see that done again. >> thank you, mr. hanson. >> my question is what is san francisco doing? >> thank you very much for being here. i will make a commitment in public to meet with you offline to make sure that i have the information just the way you wanted it to be presented and question have staff go over it. we appreciate your time today. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is now closed and madame secretary will you read the items to go over in las
hardship that will wave my $8,000. it's not really the economic cal hardship that i'm trying to point to all of you out here. if i were in an economical hardship, which i am, it's mostly because of my disability. i obtained my masters degree and eligible to be a professor in a school. however, if i take that job, the system would cutoff all my benefits and i rely on a person to get me out of the bed every morning to give me a shower and to get me going with life assuming that life will be on my side that day. that's how i live my life very positively and very happy that i'm able to have a roof over my head and my mom is back there in puerto rico feeling safe that i'm there now. i guess i don't have to explain to you how people with disabilities so much likely that we will find a job and that employers will under that we are able to do our jobs and that we have our brains intact and despite that, it's very challenging because we have disabilities. it doesn't matter. at this point i'm living off 10 hours a week of work that i can luckily to do at home. paid at $14 an hour. i have to li
. the project will serve local and inter city local buses and anchor the downtown extension of cal train and high speed rail once it's fully built. it's an expensive and complex project and not without challenges like filling up the gap. i know that commissioner kim as chair and the tj board are going through the phases of the project and we're working on a strategy to close the phase 1 funding short fall. this project funding contributions reflect the significance of the project from the medical state and regional level. about 39 percent is from the federal state and 21 from the regional and the remaining 40 san francisco and to be determined sources. looking ahead toward phase 2, i like to work with tjta and the mayor's office to better its project as it is not and should not be considered a san francisco financial lift. the current funding plan which is still under development and requires advocate, it shows the federal state contribution of 52 percent and local shares of 12 percent and 30 percent respectfully. finally in october i met with ben, the executive director of the manage
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)